My Projects:

Debian Debian

Your are currently on my private Debian project. This is an virtual server hosted by Strato. I use this one to play a little bit with Debian, Apache, PHP and MySQL and try out some other software like web statistic and monitoring tools.

Ubuntu Ubuntu

In April 2009 I got one of these new stylish netbooks. It’s an MSI Wind U100. And with my netbook I started to use Ubuntu instead of Windows. Here are my contribution to the Ubuntu community:

Android Android

I have just ordered an HTC Hero mobile phone. I am very excited to try out the Android OS and the HTC Sense UI.
Update: I “upgraded” my HTC Hero to an HTC Desire.

Request Tracker Request Tracker

I’m the admin of a ticketing system that my company uses. We use the Request Tracker from Best Practical. You can find my contributions to the Request Tracker here.

I also created some RT extension. You can find them at GitHub:, CPAN: and MetaCPAN: