Munin Request Tracker plugin

After we moved our RT from a dedicated server to a VM and also upgraded our Debian OS we had some trouble with apache eating up all the memory. I decided to install Munin to monitor the server and to see if the performance tweaks take effect.
I also wanted to monitor the RT ticket load time, but there wasn’t any plugin. So I’ve created one: rt_ticket_loadtime

Request Tracker move to VMware ESX Cluster

Today we moved one of our RT from a 4 years old Fujitsu-Siemens RX300 S3 with 2x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz and 2GB RAM to our VMware ESX Cluster. The VM is configured with 4 CPU and 4GB RAM. With this move we also upgraded the OS from Debian lenny to squeeze. The actual copy job of our 4GB DB took 30 minutes.

I took this opportunity to move our customizations from the local folder into an RT Extension.

Version 0.02 of RT-Extension-ReminderImproved

I pushed version 0.02 of RT-Extension-ReminderImproved to GitHub. It includes some changes and bug fix from BestPractical to the reminder function in RT 4.0.

As you could read before, the updates to the reminder function in this extension will be included in the upcoming RT 4.0 release.


My second Request Tracker extension cleans up a little bit the ticket page. In the history you will only see transactions from type create, correspond and comment. If you want to see the full history you have to use the history link in the top menu. You can find the extension at Github: